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Making A Difference For People In Manufacturing

Since the 1970s, SYSCON PlantStar has been providing manufacturing companies with the data they need to monitor and control their production activities and maximize OEE. Through our proprietary hardware and software solutions, we are the one-stop shop for all your production monitoring and process monitoring needs.


We specialize in forming long-term, trust-garnered partnerships with our customers in the medical, automotive, consumer goods, plastics, packaging, and other manufacturing markets, and are committed to providing unparalleled solutions that create quantifiable ROI results.

Our Company History

Before SYSCON began engineering software solutions or even thinking about smart factories, we were manufacturers. Manufacturing is in our blood; we knew what would make a difference because we needed our own solutions.


In the late 1970s, SYSCON purchased the PlantStar division of ITP-Intermetrics, which used a manufacturing execution system designed by engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to manage production and process monitoring in Tupperware’s facilities. As early as the 1980s—before personal computers, cell phones, and Industry 4.0 existed—SYSCON PlantStar was connecting machines to hardware and software that pulled, organized, analyzed, and stored shop floor data in real time.

Additional Solutions

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With the release of PlantStar 4.0, a completely updated MES with unmatched data capacity, SYSCON PlantStar is once again making a difference for people in manufacturing by engineering and supporting the tools you need to stay ahead in your industry.

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Support Services

We believe in providing you with the solutions you need, and that means offering support at all times. We offer 24/7 support, installation assistance, training services, and more to ensure your equipment stays up and running to deliver complete data insight.

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